Sweet Grandchild Story - Pretend to be KK!

Image result for images of post it notesDon't you just love it when your grandchildren copy you? Well, I suppose we love it based on what they are "copying"! On one of my blogs (About the Children's Department) one of my readers shared the following "sweet granddaughter story", which I'm delighted to share with you today! 
"My granddaughter Emily (3 1/2 years old) came by the children's ministry area Sunday after church to see if I could join her and her mom for lunch. Of course, I agreed, but had to finish 'closing up' before I could leave. She proceeded to pretend to be me, grabbing a stack of post-it-notes and a pencil and 'writing' out notes. She continued to be KK (their name for me as grandmother) until our food was served! Such fun!"
 Thank you Kathy for sharing . . . please share your, "sweet grandchild/child stories" . . . they brighten the day for all of us! 


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