What Are Your, "Sweet Grandchild/Child Stories"? Please Share!

I'd really love for this blog to be a place where we all - you and I - share our "sweet grandchild/child stories" and how we are passing on a heritage of faith. Please comment to share your stories or email them to me - lyndagcj@gmail.com

Today, I thought I'd share one of my "sweet grandson stories" with you! A couple days ago my sweet grandsons were at my house and Josiah saw my book; It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren: and Other Important Facts for Grandparents and Parents, Too! He picked it up, sat down and started reading chapter one out-loud! As he read, he got a big smile on his face when he realized I wrote about him and his brothers. He read abut half of the first chapter and then read the Epilog - he smiled and nodded his head through most of it because he clearly remembered the situation I wrote about! I enjoyed hearing him read my book; it was a treat to see and hear his reaction!

Apparently, he remembered an additional thing about the event he was reading about. He told me; "Grandma, you didn't write about how I said my money was at home!" He is right . . . he was concerned about how he could possibly pay for his mother's Christmas gift when we were at the store and his money was at his house. Happily for him, his poppa whispered to him a way he could pay for the gift - which Josiah laughed about as he read the account.

Reading and remembering - great fun; at least for this grandma!

So, what are some of your, "sweet grandchild/child" stories? Please share!


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