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Check Out the New Cover on, It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren . . .

Last year my book; It Is Impossible to Spoil Grandchildren: and Other Important Facts for Grandparents and Parents, too! was released. Today I'm happy to show you the new cover for this book!

Being Intentional - Praying God's Word With & 4 My Grandchildren

As I've shared with you a few times so far this year, I'm very focused and intentional about passing on a heritage of faith to my three sweet grandsons. One way I'm doing this is by praying Scripture for them. But, I do not stop at just praying Scripture for them. Most weeks my grandsons spend Friday night at my house on a sleep-over, so on Saturday, we sit at the table, or on the sofa, and look at the verses their Poppa and I have been praying for them throughout the week. They get to hear us pray for them; and they have the opportunity to pray as well. (I LOVE hearing them pray!) We talk about their prayer requests from the previous week and how God is answering their prayers. 

Then, we look at the passage we will praying for them in the coming week and talk about what the verses are saying. I have the boys draw another prayer request, which we can pray about for them in the coming week, and then we all pray together.

I want my grandsons to hear us praying for them; not ju…

Being Intentional & Engaging Them in Prayer

I want my grandsons to grow up to be children, then teens and eventually adults who love, know and follow God, but I know in this world it is becoming ever more difficult for this to happen. So many things and people around them tell them it is okay, and even fun, to do whatever they feel like doing, and it is okay to ignore God's Word.

But this is not the truth. I know the only way my grandsons will experience a life of joy is if they choose to love, know and walk with God. This is the truth and I want them to know and believe it.

Earlier this month I said; "If we are serious about passing on a heritage of faith to our grandchildren, we really need to be intentional. We need to think about it. We need to pray. We need to have conversations we plan, as well as be listening and watching for opportunities to help our grandchildren connect what they are doing/what is happening with God's Word. This may sound difficult, but it is not. It is just about being intentional. About t…