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Make 2017 the Year Where You Pray Deeper!

Praying for our grandchildren (and children) is something we all know we need to do, but it is also something many of us struggle with. We may feel like our prayers do not even make it through the ceiling above us and do not know what to say or how to pray. Our lives are busy, so finding the time to pray can be a challenge which we may not overcome and then days go by without us spending time in prayer.

Yet, we know prayer is important. We know, especially in this day and age, we - and our grandchildren (and children) need all the prayer they can get. We want to be people who pray; and people who pray deeply, but are not sure how to be this kind of person.

Well, please allow me to help you. I understand these feelings about prayer and struggled many years to be a person who prayed. Then one Sunday I heard Dr. Ed Dobson preach about how the best way to pray is to pray Scripture. This made sense to me, so being a writer, I started at Genesis and worked my way through the Bible to Revelati…