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Help Your Grandchildren Love God's Word with the NIV Investigator's Holy Bible - I'm Giving One Away!

As you have likely gathered from reading just a few of the posts on grandma’s cookie jar, it matters very much to me to be intentional about passing on a heritage of faith to my grandchildren. What will anything else I might do or gain in life matter if my grandchildren do not grow to love, know and walk with God? I know what truly matters in life and this is why I am focused upon passing on a heritage of faith to my grandchildren.

There are several things I do to pass on my faith – I pray for my grandchildren (one resource I use to help me be consistent and focused in praying is my Deeper In books which help me pray through Scripture for my grandchildren. You’ll find out more about them at this link.) I also use Science,the Bible & Fun with my grandchildren – this is a book which gives me 52 weeks of science projects, activities, Bible adventures and time in prayer journals with my grandsons. (I wrote this resource, too and you will find it at this link.) If you want to be intenti…

The Most Important Thing I Can Do as a Grandma . . .

As a grandma there are many things I do for and with my grandsons. Of course I bake cookies . . . I do believe a grandma’s cookie jar should never be empty when the boys are in the house! We play games – from hide-and-seek when they were little (it always made me laugh when I’d count and then say; “Ready or not, here I come! Oh where, oh where could my sweet boys be?” and then they would say; “Under the table.”, or “In the closet!” or wherever they were, “hiding”!) to now playing chess with Josiah – he likes to play chess with me, because he nearly always wins!
We make crafts, we cook, we read books, we write our own stories and we do fun things like candy cane hunts. We also read God’s Word together, journal in our prayer/thankful journals, do science projects together and we pray together.