Hand Down the Faith - Help Your Grandchildren Learn & Love God's Word!

One of the best things you will ever do for your
grandchildren is to help them learn God's Word. I help my grandsons learn to pray Scripture back to God with my Deeper In books, we talk about Scripture and the people in it who chose to love and follow God with my Science, the Bible & Fun and we are reading the Bible together - a few verses each day with Generations Quest

What do you do to help your grandchildren learn and love God's Word?

A Gift Idea to Help You Do What Matters Most!

Have you been reading grandma's cookie jar and agree with me when I write about passing on a heritage of faith to your grandchildren, but are not sure where and how to begin? Do you have friends who are grandparents who also want to pass on their faith, but are also not sure where to begin? Are you looking for a Christmas gift for a grandparent/parent you know which is a good read and one which will help them know how to do what matters the most? 

If so, would you and they like to work through a book together to learn how to pass on your faith? Or, even if you know how to pass on your faith, does the idea of a study/book you could work through on your own or with friends sound like a good idea to you? 

Well - the good news is there are resources available to help you - and your friends - pass your faith to the children you love! Today I want to share one such resource with you. 

This book is one which you could read/work through on your own or in a Sunday school class or small group.…

Give a Gift This Year Which Can Draw You & the Ones You Love Closer to God!

It is the time of year where we look for the "perfect" gifts to give to the people we love - gifts which are "fun" and will bring a smile to the face of the ones who receive them. 

I know I am looking forward to seeing happy faces as my family opens their gifts. However; along with the gifts which are "fun", this year consider giving a gift which has the potential to help draw you and the ones you love draw closer to God!

Generations Quest Giveaway on grandma's cookie jar

Each year I give away a lot of fun items in my Christmas Gift Review & Giveaway. This year I'm doing the same, but today's giveaway is more than just something which is "fun". It is something which has the potential to help draw you and the ones you love closer to God!

Being Intentional - On Purpose

What does it mean to be an "intentional Christian grandparent"? The definition on pretty much relate to the idea of doing things on purpose. So, if we are "intentional Christian grandparents", then we do things with our grandchildren, "on purpose" and since we are Christian grandparents, we do these things on purpose to hand down our faith. 

Have Fun Handing Down the Faith with Science, the Bible & Fun!

My grandsons love science projects - especially any with big, surprising results . . . like when we combine baking soda and vinegar! So, knowing I could get their attention with science projects, I wrote 52 lessons with the goal of introducing the boys to real people like Josiah, Caleb, John, Jehoshaphat, Daniel and of course, Jesus. I use science projects to introduce the point - and to help my grandsons remember the point. We keep prayer journals. We play silly games. We have fun together - hence the name; Science, the Bible & Fun!

I want my grandsons to know, love and walk with God, so to help them with this I'm intentional about doing things with them to help them learn to read their Bibles, pray and walk with God. You can do the same with Science, the Bible & Fun - check it out at this link.